Ankur & Khushboo



Ankur Pradeep Barjatiya  : 26/05/1983


Ankur ,Born In Indore & Grown Up Here Only. Basically Late Nights & Late Morning. Parties With Friends, Driving Out, Making New Friends, Hanging Around With Them. Passion For Mobiles, Goggles, Watches, New Technologies. Always Doing What He Wish To Do. Listens To Everyone But Follows No One. Fashion Means Nothing To Him, Wear What Ever Come First In Hand. That's A Bit What Ankur Is.

Occupation :   Transport Business.

Hobbies      :   Music, Movies, Friends, Internet Surfing, Mobiles, New Technologies, Driving.

Cuisines     :   Any thing Home Made.

Movie          :   Die Hard 1-4, Resident Evil 1-4, Rambo 1-4, Jurassic Park1-3, Mission Impossibe 1-4 & Much More.

Songs          :   Saji Nahi Barat Toh Kya, Yeah Bekhudi Deewangi, Yeah Toh Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai.

TV Shows    :   Sarabhai VS Sarabhai,  C.I.D, Crime Patrol, Adalat, Prision Break, Lost, How I Met Your Mother & Many More.


Few Clips    :